President Barack Obama
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Revered (and also hated) by many, President Barack Obama has had his fair share of GIF-able moments over the past eight years. And though his time in the Oval Office may be coming to an end, we’ll never forget his lasting legacy, as well as the entertainment he’s given us throughout his time as the 44th president.

So, in celebration of his 55th birthday, we decided to take a look at eight of Obama's greatest GIFs to signify his eight years in office. Use them and share them to celebrate Uncle Barry’s last birthday as our president.

Black love is beautiful:

Oh yeah:


Sometimes we catch him deep in thought:

He's confident:


Obama's got some moves:

What better reaction can you have than this one?


Because these two are perhaps the best duo of all time:

And perhaps our favorite, "Obama out":


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