72-Year-Old Connecticut Pastor Dies After Pulpit Confession

Bishop Bobby Davis and his wife, Christine
Bishop Bobby Davis and his wife, Christine

“Confession is good for the soul,” the saying goes. But the act may have proved to be too much for Bishop Bobby Davis, founder of the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport, Conn.

The pastor reportedly died last Sunday after telling his congregation, which he founded in 1967 with his wife, Christine, that he’d cheated on her years ago, Fox News reports. The couple celebrated their 50th anniversary last June.

Police reportedly said he suffered a fatal heart attack after receiving a mixed response from parishioners. He reportedly dropped to the floor during the shouting.


"We were shouting, `We forgive you, we love you,’ but the stress of all of it—he had a heart attack,” parishioner Judy Stovall told the Connecticut Post. "I held his head as he lay on the floor … Our congregation is hurting now.”

Citing an unidentified parishioner, the Christian Post says Davis came forward after confessing to his wife, who insisted that he tell parishioners. But things went awry.

“It got physical,” the parishioner told the Post. “One of the sons attacked him. I was told one of the daughters poured water on him. It was like something out of, not even like the Old Testament, but a bad reality TV show. My heart is so devastated because it could have been handled in a private manner.”

Police have interviewed dozens of witnesses and are reportedly reviewing video from inside the church that was taken by a member.

Read more at Fox News, the Connecticut Post and the Christian Post.

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