7 Benefits of Sweatworking

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We have all heard the dos and don’ts of networking, but lately, there’s a growing trend among business professionals: sweatworking. Coined by the New York Times , the term is exactly what it sounds like: networking while sweating it out at the gym. An increasing number of people professionals are taking advantage of the country’s current fitness obsession by forgoing the wine and cheese, and hitting the gym to make connections and cut deals. Here are a few of the benefits to taking a potential client to a Zumba class instead of happy hour:

1) We’ll start with the obvious: it’s healthier. We’re all aware of the damaging effects alcohol can have on our bodies, including packing on the pounds. No one is saying that you can’t partake in that glass of Pinot after the class but at least you’ve burned a few calories beforehand to make up for the 110-300 calories per glass. Less calorie intake and no hangover the next day; how can someone not appreciate you offering an option that benefits his health?


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