69-Year-Old Grandmother Punched by Man Outside NYC Deli May Never Fully Recover

Richard Springer
The New York City Police Department

The daughter of the 69-year-old grandmother who was knocked unconscious by a man outside a Queens, N.Y., deli is accusing the suspect's family of hiding him from the police, preventing him from facing the consequences of his alleged actions, the New York Post reports.

Marie Gentillon said that her mother's life will never be the same again. Eve Gentillon is still recovering from her injuries at Jamaica Hospital, where she has been hooked up to oxygen and feeding tubes.


Eve Gentillon suffered a brain aneurysm after authorities say Richard "Kwasi" Springer, 28, knocked her out cold after stealing a can of beer from a Queens deli and storming out of the store.

“Everything has changed,” Marie Gentillon told the Post.

Over the weekend, Eve Gentillon did show one small sign of progress, briefly opening her eyes, according to the report.

In any case, Marie Gentillon is pleading with relatives of Springer to turn him in.

“Detectives told me his family is covering up for him, moving him from place to place,” she said. “Don’t they realize what he did to my mother? Don’t they have a mother or a sister or an aunt? He needs to pay for what he did.”


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