A 16-year-old girl was raped along with 280 women in September.

News One is reporting that more than 600 women and girls were recently raped along the Congo-Angola border during a mass expulsion of illegal immigrants, according to the United Nations. Many of the victims said that they were locked in dungeon-like conditions for several weeks while they were raped repeatedly by security forces. At least one woman died from her internal injuries, U.N. officials said. Maurizio Giuliano, a U.N. spokesman in the Democratic Republic of Congo, said Friday that it was unclear on which side of the Congo-Angola border the women had been attacked, and that the U.N. was calling on both countries to investigate promptly.

Rape is a weapon of mass destruction, and we don't understand why it isn't treated as such. Investigate? How about stopping it cold? Really, how many more women and girls have to be raped or killed before the U.N. realizes that crimes against women are indeed crimes against humanity?

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