60 Percent of Black Females Abused Before Age 18


A new study conducted by researchers at Black Women's Blueprint claims that 60 percent of African-American women had been sexually assaulted by a black man before turning 18. The study, which surveyed only 300 women, is part of an ongoing research by the group, which hopes to survey 700 women by March of 2012.

To claim that 60 percent of black women are sexually abused with such a small sample size is a bit premature, but another organization, Black Women's Health Imperative, did a similar study with a larger sample size of 1,800 women two years ago and found that 37 percent of African-American women were sexually abused before the age of 18.


Farah Tanis, the co-founder of Black Women's Blueprint, said that the problem continues to be ignored in our community and is getting worse. "There is an increase, and we need to stop neglecting that issue."

It would be interesting to see a study that reaches hundreds of thousands of black women on this issue to see if the problem is even larger than what these organizations are reporting.

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