6 People to Avoid on Social Media

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Ebony's Alisha Tillery says your online life will be better if you avoid these annoying and offensive folks at all costs.


1) Ultimate Selfies: I wonder if I fall into this category sometimes until I see those people who fit the bill perfectly. It's cool to post a few self-portraits to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, especially when there's some sort of special occasion — a new hairstyle, a birthday celebration, a vacay. But when folks feel the need to update the world on your every facial expression, or every angle of how their butt looks in a pair of jeans that they've had since freshman year, every single day? …

2) Men Who Hate Women: I didn’t know how many of these guys existed until I started expanding my Twitter follows; my eyes were opened to a whole new world of dudes who spend their days preaching the gospel of the no-good Black woman. We’ll never be perfect enough, sexy enough or smart enough for these dudes. Then again, we should be quiet Stepford wives who submit to men who don’t know their left from right, let alone right from wrong …

3) Oversharers: It's one thing to occasionally complain or vent about the things that are going wrong in your life, but no one wants to be subjected to daily stories about marital or child-rearing issues, nor spats with friends or coworkers or depressing morning thoughts. There are journals, niche blogs and e-communities for that. If someone is showing signs of being in help of a real shoulder to cry on, feel free to reach out. But if you're seeing signs of a habitual complainer who simply seems interested in putting on a show with their misery — real or otherwise — then you should click your way out of the audience.

4) Self-Appointed Relationship "Experts": It seemed like this trend was disappearing, but new "love gurus" keep popping up like roaches. Unfortunately, refusing to follow them doesn't keep them out of your TL, as many gullible folks retweet their nonsense right to you …

Read Alisha Tillery's entire piece at at Ebony.

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