Mom Gets Parenting FAIL, Arrested for Medical Neglect of Quarter-Ton Son

From Baltimore, Maryland, CNN reports that a South Carolina mother who was¬†wanted for failure to appear¬†in family court and the¬†medical neglect of her 555-pound son has been arrested. The boy and his mother were spotted at¬†near¬†a laundromat in Baltimore where the two were apprehended‚ÄĒthe mother arrested and the boy turned over to state services for medical treatment. 555 POUNDS.¬†The Buzz considers this a good example of when state intervention goes right.

Obama Dapping Up Bush Policies in Ways that Make Lots of People Uncomfortable

According to Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, President Obama is adopting "large swaths" of Bush-era policies and, it seems, is forgoing the 'Yes, we can' anti-terror steam that helped to get him elected in the first place. The closing of Gitmo‚ÄĒwhich is less Bushian than reading‚ÄĒwas met with a resounding 'get that outta my face' by the Senate in a 90-6 vote the other day. Krauthammer clearly¬†has a predilection for hating, but makes some sound observations. The terror issue seems to slowly be creating cracks in the Democratic party and the GOP will take advantage of this, with Michael Steele poised to bungle the whole thing.


Alabama Cops Tap Dance on a Dude's Head and Actually Get Fired for It

Five Birmingham, Alabama police officers have been fired for excessive force that left their victim unconcious following a high speed chase BET reports. For the next twenty years, the beatee, Anthony Warren, gets to celebrate the officers' dismissal in a state correctional facility because of his assault on them and other wreckless endangerment that took place pre-beat down. So…we'll classify this as a moral victory and move on? Sounds good.