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Forty-four pictures dedicated to the anniversary of the election of the 44th president.

Starting the Day Off Right

Michelle and Sasha Obama leave a Chicago voting booth on Election Day.

It's a Family Affair

Casting a vote in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, President Obama made his way to the polls with his daughter, Malia, looking on.


Cross-Generational Appeal

Kids of all ages celebrated the news after it was announced that Barack Obama had won the 2008 presidential election.

A Role Model is Born

On Nov. 4, 2008, a new role model for black men of all ages solidified his place in U.S. and black history.


Where Were You That night?

People from all over gathered in Times Square in New York City to watch the results from Election Day.

One Nation, One Vote

The country came together to put the junior senator from Illinois into the highest office in the land.


Dancin' In The Streets

Parties erupted all across the globe, from street corners to the tops of taxicabs, when the news was announced.


Though the main theme of Obama's campaign was "Change We Can Believe In," his supporters also made unity a central part of his platform.


The Viewing Party

Viewing parties were formed in cities everywhere, from churches to community centers in both rural and urban areas.

Obama'd Down From the Hat to the Socks

Supporters stocked up on Obama T-shirts, buttons, caps, blankets and more to root on their choice in the biggest competition of the year.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the First Family

After giving his victory speech, the new first family greeted thousands of supporters in Chicago, giving America a glimpse of the new White House residents.

Congratulations, Pops!

At this point, Malia was happy for her dad, and perhaps even happier about the new dog in her future.


Beside Every Good Man…

The newly titled first and second ladies, stars in their own right, joined their men for a victory lap in Grant Park.

From the Mouths of Babes

Though likely oblivious to the ins and outs of politics, children were just as fired up about Obama as the adults.


The President of Everybody

President Obama's acceptance speech acknowledged that he may have won the election, but he was ready for his new task of winning over the confidence of his critics.

Time Stood Still


People filled Times Square in New York City to witness history being made.

Satellite Service

Televisions across the country were tuned in to witness every second of the action.


Tears of Joy

For many, a day like Nov. 4, 2008, was confined only to their wildest dreams.

Sí, Se Puede! (Yes, We Can!)

The global sentiment for Obama was almost uniform.

Street Cred

From the halls of Congress to the sidewalks of the inner city, Obama was everywhere.


Hustle Man

The T-shirt business was quite lucrative in November '08.

Soundtrack to the Season

No item was immune from being "Obama-fied."

Once in a Lifetime

Then-candidate Barack Obama comforts a 76-year-old campaign volunteer who burst into tears when she met him



Ethnic groups from all over helped usher in the new presidential regime.

Vote or Die

Young and first-time voters went to the polls in droves to exercise their civil rights.


The Candidate of Cool

Not only did he emerge victorious, he looked pretty darn cool, too.

Hometown Hero

Students at President Obama's elementary school in Jakarta, Indonesia, rejoice to the news about their alum.


Hardly Home But Always Reppin'

Americans in Germany held their own satellite celebration for the new commander in chief.

Not Here, But Still Heard

A Chinese man fills out a mock ballot at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.


Oprah Winfrey, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Stedman Graham celebrate with the masses in Chicago.


Sweet Victory

Excitement may be an understatement.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Even Rev. Jesse Jackson got a little teary-eyed.

Obama Vision

Not even Kanye could don a cooler pair of glasses.

C'mon, Everybody's Doin' It

Someone from almost every cultural group had a part in the president's victory.

Commander in chief

Soldiers at a U.S. Army base near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border look on as their new leader in elected.



Though they may not have always gotten along, someone found a way to make the sometimes bitter rivals a little sweeter.

Before You Turn in That Clunker…

Well, honk honk.

Root for the Home Team

You can't wear campaign materials to the voting booth, but they didn't say anything about colors and a certain candidate's hometown baseball uniform, now did they?


War Paint

Why pay all that money for Obama paraphernalia when you can whip something up at home?

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

They may be too young to vote in the election, but they're not too young to have an opinion.


Buttoned Up

Nothing says "supporter" better than sticking two holes through your sweater!

Love Him to Peaces

Could be a peace sign, or the number of terms he'll serve in office.

Yes We Did

We'll take that as a thank you.