4-Year-Old Boy Hospitalized After Being Shot in the Head While in His Mother’s Car

News 5 Cleveland screenshot
News 5 Cleveland screenshot

A 4-year-old Cleveland boy was seriously injured after a gunman fired multiple shots into his mother’s car.


According to Cleveland 19, Cecilia Hill was in traffic Sunday behind a car containing two men that wasn’t moving and waited several minutes before deciding to go around the vehicle.

“She honked her horn and went around the car, then she said the vehicle began following her,” Cleveland Police Detective Jennifer Ciaccia told reporters.


The vehicle, identified only as a white Pontiac with dark windows, traveled behind Hill for several miles before it pulled up beside her and someone inside fired shots into the car that carried Hill, her 7-year-old daughter and her son.

“They fired multiple shots—more than 10 at her vehicle—the vehicle was hit multiple times,” Ciaccia said.

Bullet fragments hit the 4-year-old, identified as Carter Hill. Luckily, none of the fragments penetrated Carter’s brain, according to the news station, and he was in stable condition and expected to recover with time. Cecilia Hill and her daughter were not struck by any of the bullets.

In the meantime, the shooter is still on the loose, and Ciaccia is encouraging anyone who knows anything to contact police.


“We also need to remember that these individuals are still out there; it’s pretty obvious that they’re very violent and that they do not have much regard for human life, since they were firing at a vehicle that was moving,” she said, adding that the suspects should be considered armed and dangerous.

According to News 5 Cleveland, Hill told police that she did not know the men in the vehicle and was not sure why they chose to pursue her.


Police are still unsure as to what motivated the shooting and aren’t quite ready to classify it as a road rage incident.

“It’s possible, but also possible that it’s in connection with something else. Investigation is underway to find out why. I won’t know until it’s complete,” Ciaccia said.


Read more at Cleveland 19 and News 5 Cleveland.

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What the fuck? A little boy is in the hospital because the other party was beeped at? Regardless of what occurred, there is no good reason on this earth that justifies shooting a car 10 times.