30 Moments That Made Us Proud in 2012

Obamas (Getty); Kelvin Doe (Thnkr); Gabby Douglas (Getty)

(The Root) — Despite ubiquitous headlines about ongoing racial disparities, humiliating reality-television antics and hateful attacks against the first African-American president, black news is not always bad news. 

Need a reminder of that? How about 30? These were the first that came to mind when we recalled 2012's most touching, inspiring, tear-jerking and otherwise awesome memories starring Olympians, politicians, activists and everyday people from our community. We saw awe-inducing athletic achievements, brave acts of self-determination, sweet sneak peeks of romance and undeniable signs of compassion and progress. What did all these moments have in common? Every single one made us proud.


1. When the first couple was caught on the 'Kiss Cam' at a basketball game …

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