In the latest column from relationship columnists the Lovers Roque at Ebony, Mrs. Rocque writes that all of the things single people think married couples do, say and think about them is probably true, including falling out of step with their single friends after the nuptials.

Marital bliss is a blessing but there is a deliciously evil side — couples can be total jerks toward singles … and we enjoy it. Here are three shady behaviors that most married couples are guilty of, but don’t feel bad about …

Gossip Girls and Guys

No secret is safe. I hate to admit it and I’ll probably get some flack for being so transparent but couples gossip to each other about everything. Chances are we hear something from one of our friends or even relatives and go right back to our spouse and share this information because we know they won’t spill the beans elsewhere and because it’s also amusing. Next time you think you may have gotten a side eye or a strange look from your friend’s significant other, you probably did because couples are shady.


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