3 Dead in College Campus Murder-Suicide

In Casper, Wyo., on Friday, a mysterious murder-suicide occurred at Casper College when a man killed a teacher and himself in front of students at the school. Another dead body was discovered two miles away, reports the Daily News. The suspect, now deceased, has yet to be identified. Local Wyoming NBC affiliate KCWY reports that the suspect used an "edged weapon," which may have been a bow and arrow.

Police found the suspect and teacher dead at a science building on the Casper College campus, which was locked down for about two hours, school and police officials said. The other victim, a woman, was found in a street about two miles away.

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said the murder-suicide took place in a classroom with students present, but he didn't know how many students or what the class topic was.

He said investigators were still trying to determine a motive.

Walsh said an "edged weapon" was used it at least one of the killings, but he didn't offer specifics and it was unclear if the same or a similar weapon was used in all of the deaths.

The attacker wasn't believed to be a Casper College student and it appeared he knew the victims, Walsh said. No names were released.


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