Akein Scott (New Orleans Parish Prison)
Akein Scott (New Orleans Parish Prison)

Updated Friday, May 17, 9:05 a.m. EDT: After Akein Scott, 19, was arrested Wednesday night, his brother Shawn Scott, 24, was arrested on Thursday, the Los Angeles Times reports. Four other people have been arrested for allegedly harboring the fugitives during an intense manhunt, officials said Thursday.



The Associated Press is reporting that 19-year-old Akein Scott, the suspect in the New Orleans Mother's Day parade shooting that wounded 19 people, faces 20 charges of attempted second-degree murder.


Out on bond at the time he committed the crime, he was arrested Wednesday night in New Orleans. Scott was already facing a charge of gun and drug possession.

Police have not established a motive and haven’t said whether they know the identity of the shooter's target. Officials initially said three people were spotted running away from the shooting scene, but Scott has been the only suspect identified publicly.

Investigators launched an intense search for Scott, with police Superintendent Ronal Serpas urging him to surrender at a news conference Monday and warning the teen that "we know more about you than you think we know." At one point, SWAT team members and U.S. marshals served a search warrant at one location but did not find Scott.

Police offered a $10,000 reward in the case, and investigators received several tips after images from the surveillance camera were released.

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