28 Days of Joy: Shoutout to the Black YouTubers Who Stay Bringing the Joy

From Left to Right: Jarvis Johnson, Courtreezy, D’Angelo Wallace, Mark Phillips of RDCWordl1
From Left to Right: Jarvis Johnson, Courtreezy, D’Angelo Wallace, Mark Phillips of RDCWordl1
Screenshot: Joe Jurado

YouTube is a wonderful thing, y’all. While, yes, the platform does have a litany of issues and controversies, it’s still one of the coolest hubs of creativity on the internet. While the pandemic has caused a disruptive effect in just about all forms of entertainment, YouTubers have more or less kept trucking along.


While YouTube has long been a consistent part of my media diet, the last year has seen it become one of my primary sources of entertainment, and a lot of that is due to Black creators who are straight killing the game. I figure it’s only fitting that I celebrate the Black content creators who consistently bring me joy.

D’Angelo Wallace

One of two 2021 Blackest Award nominees on this list, D’Angelo Wallace has had a hell of a year. He’s grown to over two million subscribers in the last year and it’s easy to see why. The man can roast and toast with the best of them. While his main channel videos typically fall between 40 minutes to an hour, it’s no issue because a) let’s be real, that’s the length of your average Netflix show and b) Wallace’s commentary is infinitely more compelling than your average Netflix show.

His commentary typically involves taking YouTube controversies and dissecting them with his razor sharp wit. When all the Tati Westbrook/Jefree Starr/Shane Dawson shit broke loose (again) last summer, Wallace provided a funny but incredibly thorough breakdown of both why those white folks were beefing, and how Shane Dawson is like racist racist. And also, just, mad creepy. Shouts to Wallace for keeping me abreast of all the latest YouTube shenanigans.


The other 2021 Blackest Award nominee on this list is none other than RDCWorld. There is a very likely chance that you know who the crew at RDCWorld is. They’ve gotten co-signs from LeBron James, Kevin Hart, and J. Cole. It doesn’t matter if it’s poking fun at how indie games have started becoming more popular than big-ass AAA titles, or just straight up dunking on Arby’s, these dudes don’t miss. While their sketches frequently go viral across social media, both of their YouTube channels have a lot of great content beyond that; whether it be their often-hilarious games of Mario Party, or arguing over anime in Back and Forth.

Jarvis Johnson

Jarvis Johnson’s content is like hanging out with a chill-ass friend who just wants to show you some weird shit he found on the internet. Whether it’s trying bad life hacks, recapping the seminal 1999 sci-fi/comedy masterpiece Smart House, or going into precise detail on why Luke P. is the literal worst Bachelorette contestant/person, there’s a playful sense of humor that makes all of it a joy to watch. The nigga’s just mad charming, I don’t know how else to put it, y’all.


Not to mention the comedic timing of the editing on his videos is just *chef’s kiss*. I think the thing that makes Jarvis’ standout is that his content never feels mean spirited. Most of the time it’s just dunking on absurd things on the internet, and that playful spirit results in vids that manage to walk the line between hilarious and pleasant.


Y’all, there has not been a Courtreezy video that hasn’t had me weak. As a subscriber of her channel I am proudly a Reezy. I’m a big animation geek, so when I say this woman has a gag per minute ratio that would put the Looney Toons to shame, I mean that shit. She dissects the fuckery of the internet with sheer fucking gusto, and I live for it. Her all killer, no filler approach has easily made her one of my favorites and if you watch just one of her videos, I think she’ll quickly become one of yours.


Those are just a few of the YouTubers worth checking out. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also give shoutouts to Marques Brownlee, Nathan Zed, Primm’s Hood Cinema, Jacques Slade, the 85 South crew, and Dead End Hip-Hop. There are so many dope Black creators out there, and the wildness of this last year has made me increasingly appreciative of the joy they have continually brought me.

Thanks y’all and keep doing the damn thing.

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Primm’s Hood Cinema DESERVES an award for biggest, blackest small channel come up during the pandemic. He doesn’t upload often, but when he does, it’s a magical gift. Just trust me on this Joe.