22-Year-Old Becomes the 1st Black Female Nanoscientist in Virginia

Ginai Seabron on graduation day.
Screenshot: Twitter.com/Ori_ginai

Ginai Seabron just made history as the first black woman to become a nanoscientist in the state of Virginia.

Seabron, 22, was pleasantly surprised when she discovered that she was the first black woman to graduate with a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech’s nanoscience program, and spoke with NBC 12 about how she verified the news.


“We talked to the department head and he looked it up and confirmed it,” said Seabron.

She was also featured on her school’s social media platforms, giving students advice.


Seabron’s mom, Sherita, also shared how she encouraged her daughter.

“Pray with her, tell her she can make it, never give up. That wasn’t an option for her,” Sherita said.


Seabron will be taking a year to intern at Virginia Tech before she goes back to school.

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