2020 Summer Olympics Will Now Take Place Summer 2021

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Photo: CHARLY TRIBALLEAU (AFP via Getty Images)

So it’s been a little over two years weeks since the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in everything under the sun being delayed and/or canceled. The 2020 Summer Olympics were one of the final holdouts until last week when the organizing committees finally announced the games were postponed. 


According to NBC News, the Olympic games will now take place an entire year later than they were originally scheduled. The new dates for the games are July 23, 2021, through August 8, 2021. The International Olympic Committee released a statement that says:

“The new dates, exactly one year after those originally planned for 2020 also have the added benefit that any disruption that the postponement will cause to the international sports calendar can be kept to a minimum. Additionally, they will provide sufficient time to finish the qualification process. The same heat mitigation measures as planned for 2020 will be implemented.”

The delay ensures that all countries will be able to compete in the games. Before the postponement was announced both Australia and Canada pulled their teams from the games with other countries expected to follow suit if the games weren’t delayed. This is one of the highest-profile cancellations as a result of the ongoing pandemic. While many—if not all—sports leagues have suspended their seasons, the Olympics is an event that encompasses the entire world. It’s no easy feat to reschedule an endeavor of that magnitude only months before it was set to occur.

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Doesn’t this ruin the alignment of when the Olympics are held though? So the next Olympics will come sooner now after the 2012 Olympics?