A really nice profile on Hank Gathers, the Loyola-Marymount star who collapsed twenty years ago on the court

[I]it was March, and time for a West Coast Conference quarterfinal game game against Portland. Time for Gathers and the Lions to make their run.

Sitting in the stands alongside Hank's mom on that March day in Los Angeles were two other sons, Derek and Chris, Lucille's sister, Carol Livingston, along with other family members and friends. "We had burgundy and red towels that the minister's wife had made for us. We were holding them up and cheering," says Lucille. The towels are emblazoned with slogans, "Hank," says one, "The Bank Man," says another, a nickname Westhead had given his star player.

Still standing from Hank's alley-oop dunk, the family crumbles as he hits the floor.

"I couldn't move," Lucille says.

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