Sarah Adelia Graves and Shelbie Brooke Richards

The two women who were part of a 10-person group responsible for specifically targeting black people in Mississippi’s capital were sentenced on Thursday for their roles in the attacks that ultimately caused the death of James Craig Anderson in 2011, NBC News reports.

Sarah Adelia Graves, 22, was sentenced to five years in prison, while 21-year-old Shelbie Brooke Richards was sentenced to eight years after both women pleaded guilty to conspiracy. Richards also put in a guilty plea for lying to the police, thus concealing the attack, the news site notes.


Six of the men who were also involved in the attacks, which were tried as a federal hate crime, have received sentences ranging from four to 50 years, NBC News notes. The remaining two men are still awaiting their sentences.

According to the report, the 10 individuals were responsible for harassing and assaulting black residents in the Jackson area starting in spring 2011. The group often chased down their targets in cars, trying to hit them with beer bottles. According to prosecutors, NBC notes, they targeted people they thought were homeless or drunk, believing that the attacks would go unreported.


In Anderson’s June 2011 attack, two of the men distracted him while Richards, Graves and another man came up in a truck. Two men beat Anderson before he was run over by the vehicle. Anderson’s attack was caught on hotel surveillance video, which showed the truck running him over.


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