19-Year-Old Gay Black Couple's Marriage Against the Odds

David Harris and Tre'Darrius Anderson (YouTube)

On Jan. 18, David Harris and Tre'Darrius Anderson of Memphis, Tenn., tied the knot in front of Washington, D.C.'s Lincoln Memorial, Clutch magazine reports. There are suggestions that, at 19 years old, they are the youngest African-American gay couple to marry in the country.

But it doesn't take an entry in Guinness World Records to explain why cable's My Teenage Wedding picked up the universal emotional pull of the story of their nuptials. From the show's description of the episode about them:

David and Tre'Darrius, both 19, are young, black, and gay, and getting married in not-so-progressive Memphis. But the odds are stacked against them. Once very popular, David's friends ostracized him after he came out in high school. Neither mother is responding to the wedding invite. And their only adult supporter, Tre's uncle Theo, thinks they're too young to marry …


Based on the video below, it looks as if their story has a happy ending — except, of course, for the fact that their home state still won't recognize their marriage.

Read more at Clutch magazine.

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