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18-Year-Old White Thug Spotted at World Series Game Days After Being Arrested in Connection With Murder of Black Man

Cameron Terrell—unfortunately, we couldn’t find a mug shot. (KABC-TV screenshot)
Cameron Terrell—unfortunately, we couldn’t find a mug shot. (KABC-TV screenshot)

It seems we have another blatant case of affluenza on our hands after an 18-year-old thug who happens to be wealthy and white was spotted enjoying a World Series game with his parents at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, just days after being arrested for (and charged with) murder and attempted murder in the shooting death of a black man at the beginning of the month.


Cameron Terrell of Palos Verdes, Calif., was arrested Oct. 12 in connection with the shooting death of Justin Alongino Holmes. According to the Daily Breeze, Terrell was in deep with a predominantly black South Los Angeles gang in a community that is more than 95 percent white and Asian.

He is not suspected of firing the fatal shot that took Holmes’ life; he is believed to be the driver who helped the gunmen get away. Despite this, he does face some serious charges, including some based on allegations that he committed the act to help out his gang. A conviction on these charges could get him anything from 25 years to life.


That being said, despite the hefty and serious charges, Terrell posted bail by Oct. 19 and was scheduled to be arraigned Nov. 29. In the meantime, he is still living his best life as if nothing happened. A Facebook photograph showed him enjoying a World Series game at Dodger Stadium with his affluent parents, with whom he often enjoys trips to Mexican resorts and the other fine things in life, according to the Breeze.

The Breeze notes that Terrell’s father, Donald Wayne Terrell, is president of the media consulting firm New & Improved Media in El Segundo, Calif., while his mother is a South Bay interior designer.

Terrell also apparently remains in school, which has created more than a buzz among parents. Nonetheless, Palos Verdes Unified School District Superintendent Don Austin said that officials were aware of the charges this young thug faces, declaring that “vigilance is high.”

Justin Alongino Holmes (KCBS-TV screenshot)
Justin Alongino Holmes (KCBS-TV screenshot)

However, Austin did not confirm Terrell’s status at school, saying only very generally that students have the right to a public education.

“There are very clear exclusion criteria that have to occur before a student was not allowed to attend a public school,” he said.


“For a school suspension of any kind, there has to be a direct nexus to the school itself,” Austin added. “These allegations have no nexus to our school. The allegations and charges against a student without a nexus to school would not be grounds for exclusion.”

The charges against this wannabe thug stem from the shooting of Holmes on Oct. 1.


Police say that Holmes and two other friends were confronted by two armed individuals who asked where they were from. One armed thug fired several shots, hitting Holmes, while his friends managed to run away.

The shooter and an accomplice ran back to a black car that drove away. Holmes was rushed to the hospital but couldn’t be saved.


Police say that Holmes and his friends were not linked to any gang activity.

Two other suspects are currently in custody on suspicion of murder; however, both are under 18 and are currently being held in a juvenile facility. Their names have not been disclosed. However, the district attorney’s office is reportedly looking to push to have them tried as adults, according to the Breeze.


Read more at the Daily Breeze.

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My daughter (honor roll, authored 2 books, speaks Japanese, sings in Italian) was arrested for 3rd degree attempted buglary when she was 16 on the say so of a white neighbor’s 12 & 14yr old.

She pleaded not guilty and the prosecutor (white) threatened to take her out of a stable, 2 parent home and send her to an alternative school until trial.

2 lawyers, a new prosecutor, missed deposition by the neighbor and $4K later we’re sitting in the courtroom with no sign of the plaintiff or arresting officer (Also white. Seeing a pattern?). The judge thanked us for our time and threw the case out, or whatever they call it.

As we are leaving the arresting officer is coming in. Prosecutor told him plaintiff was a no-show. Officer said, “Yeah, I figured that would happen.”

They were ready to jack up her entire future on some wypipo BS.