White Protesters—Yes, White People—Take Down a Confederate Monument in Durham, NC

@DerrickQLewis via Twitter video screenshot
@DerrickQLewis via Twitter video screenshot

A group of protesters in Durham, N.C., toppled a Confederate monument in front of a courthouse in the city’s downtown area Monday evening, and the entire act was caught on video and posted to Twitter. Don’t worry; none of them are dead or arrested yet because they were mostly white.

The video, posted by Twitter user @DerrickQLewis, shows a crowd of people gathered on a grassy area in front of statue that appears to be in front of a courthouse. What look like a long rope is tied to the neck of the statue.


As the gathered crowd chants, “No hoods! No KKK! No Fascist U.S.A.!” a group of people pull on the rope until the statue is toppled from its pedestal. When the statue hits the ground, the crowd cheers, and some people run up to kick the statue and spit on it.

The crowd of demonstrators were part of a planned protest to show solidarity with Charlottesville, Va., the scene of the massive racist jamboree that happened over the weekend.

After toppling the statue, the crowd then move to another intersection in downtown Durham, which they proceed to block.


They then proceed through downtown Durham, carrying signs that decry white supremacy.


In what is probably the blackest part of this protest, three young black people came to pose next to the statue after it was toppled.


And I’m glad that’s all they did, because you know that if it were us marching through the streets, blocking traffic and tearing shit up, they would be calling us animals and lining up with the riot gear already.

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Not Enough Day Drinking

The confederates were traitors. Their statues should never have gone up. The only reason they did is because white folks in the south didn’t learn their lesson when they got their asses kicked in the war they started.

Those statues do a lot of harm because they represent white supremacy. If there were still statues of Hitler venerated in public spaces in Germany do you think some people might find it problematic?

Every city that still has one of these statues up should be given a year to remove them, and if they don’t those cities should be burned to the ground. We’ll finish this civil war thing once and for all and stop venerating traitors as some kind of heroes.