13-Year-Old Posts Illicit Pics Before Being Fatally Shot by Friend Playing With Gun

Cartrail Robertson

Cartrail Robertson posted pictures of guns, weed and wads of cash on Facebook, showing off things that no 13-year-old boy should be surrounded by.

Hours later he was dead, and police believe he was accidentally shot when he and one of his friends were playing with one of the guns and the weapon fired off, the New York Daily News reports.  


His 15-year-old friend, Darrin Wilson, was charged with reckless homicide and taken to juvenile detention.

Authorities believe that they were playing with the weapon around 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning at another friend’s house when the gun went off. They have closed the investigation into Robertson’s death.


However, the Shelby County District Attorney General Office has said that there would be an inquiry into how the teens got the guns, drugs and cash. Officers are looking at images showing a group of boys, including the duo, making apparent gang signs and holding up semi-automatic weapons.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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