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13-Year-Old Arrested for Leaving Racist, Terroristic Voicemails for Georgia NAACP

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A 13-year-old Georgia boy is facing charges of making terroristic threats after authorities say he left menacing, racist messages on the voicemail of the Cobb County NAACP.


According to WXIA-TV, the local NAACP reached out to the Cobb County Police Department and the Marietta Police Department on Feb. 28 concerning the voice messages.

The incoming call, which came at around 1:13 a.m. on Feb. 25 from an unknown number, left disturbing messages such as “My number is kill niggers 101. My name, Johnny Rebel. My profession, murdering black people. Fuck you, stupid fucking niggers. [Inaudible.] Fucking kill yourself. Stupid nigger-loving Jews.”


“It is just unbelievable that we have people like this in our world, and we just have to remember when we hear that not to let it deter us from what we are doing but to continue to fight for everyone,” Cobb County NAACP President Phyllis Blake said of the messages.

Both Cobb County and Marietta City detectives worked with the FBI to track down the person responsible for the messages, who turned out to be the teen. He is currently charged on a juvenile complaint form, and the case is now in the hands of the Juvenile Court, the news station notes.

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Poor kid. All economically anxious about his... paper route? Allowance?