12 Days of Gifting, Day 5: Get Them Bodied

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Wanna show someone you really care this holiday? Help them take care of themselves, inside and out. In fact, help get them prepared ahead of the “new year, new you” rush by gathering all the resources they need to start a fresh routine or maintain an already healthy one.


From vitamins to workout wear that’ll make them want to hit the gym, we’ve got a bevy of black-owned brands built to give the gift of greater health in the coming year!

Gym Hooky

Is the gym not exciting—or accessible? Certified health and fitness coach Ariel Belgrave is the creator of Gym Hooky, an inspirational guide to at-home workouts that can help anyone at any level start a healthy routine right in the comfort of their own four walls. Describing herself as “a combo of Jillian Michaels, giving you tough love and Oprah Winfrey, lovingly embracing your every move,” Belgrave can also craft a personalized meal plan for your loved one, assisting with a much-needed detox, if necessary.

My BestBox

Want to help someone live their best life? My Bestbox subscription service aims to bring happiness through healthier options, one monthly box at a time. This is a perfect gift for someone who’s new to the health and fitness game, or just likes to switch things up and try new products with minimal commitment. Plus, it’s a monthly reminder of how much you care.

Ivy Park

After watching Beyoncé strut her very fit stuff across the world this year, we couldn’t help but include Ivy Park on our gift list this year—especially since the Queen is now its 100 percent owner. For activewear that transitions easily from gym to street (or club), look no further. Her sexy designs are meant to show off those hard-earned results.


Playa Society

Know someone who plays like a girl? Good. Playa Society is a new clothing line “on a mission to create sportswear that celebrates + supports women in sports,” says its website. How do they do it? By increasing awareness of women in sports and the biases they face, one shirt at a time; perfect for the young female athlete (or grown one) in your life.



Yema Khalif drew from his impoverished upbringing in the Kibera slums of Nairobi Kenya to create his philanthropic activewear line, Yema. Now a California resident with a degree in business (thanks to a life-changing scholarship), he created his fitness-focused apparel company to offer the same opportunity to orphaned and endangered African children still living in the slums. Twenty percent of everything purchased on Yema’s website goes directly to those kids.



Sometimes, the healthiest and simplest solution for busy, body-conscious folks is a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner. VeganSmart is here to fulfill that need. Available in a variety of flavors and formulations, this organic, plant-based line is helmed by best friends Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis. They wanted to combat the diet and obesity-related illnesses they saw ravaging their families with an easy-to-use product. Teaming up with fitness and diet expert John Lewis, they created VeganSmart. Consider making your own care package of flavors for someone you love.


Perspectives Yoga

Anyone who works out regularly knows how expensive and non-inclusive workout wear can be. Perspectives Yoga set out to change all that, offering a size and wallet-friendly line of separates that will encourage pretty much anyone to move in comfort and style.


Selamta Yoga

Selamta Yoga is putting a spin on the typical mat by offering an eco-friendly, culturally conscious option to yoga practitioners. Their vibrant designs are sure to enliven and inspire any practice, and guess what? They’re available in kid-sized versions, too.


Movita Organics

“Take your vitamins,” your mother always said, and now, you can return the favor. Founded by multi-hyphenate mom-preneur Tonya Lewis Lee (wife of Spike), Movita Organics is her latest offering, helping to build beauty and wellness from the inside out. Aside from being beautifully packaged, her all-natural, organic ingredients are formulated for premium absorption and maximum benefits. And just so no one forgets to take their daily supplement, there’s an affordable subscription option.


EleVen by Venus

She’s won countless tennis championships and is one of the newest members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Combining her two loves, Venus Williams created EleVen by Venus, an activewear line made for all bodies to get moving. Her printed, feminine silhouettes are perfect for a variety of sports—so long as they’re played with love.


There you have it: A few ideas to get your loved ones set for a healthier 2019. We’ll be back tomorrow with another gift guide, but in the meantime, get shopping!

Maiysha Kai is managing editor of The Glow Up, host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast and Big Beauty Tuesdays, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. May I borrow some sugar?


Rooo sez BISH PLZ

I have too much Eleven stuff

A heads-up on her things, though; if you are not built like Venus - that is, close to six feet tall with model curves more Artemis than Aphrodite, you may need to size up if you want to wear her things out & about after your workout (because they are fashionable enough that you can) and also still be able to breathe.