11 Republican Congressmen File Articles of Impeachment Against Rod Rosenstein, Proving That U.S. Democracy Is Indeed on Its Deathbed

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein holds a news conference at the Department of Justice July 13, 2018, in Washington, D.C.
U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein holds a news conference at the Department of Justice July 13, 2018, in Washington, D.C.
Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

Eleven House Republicans have taken their hypocritical, self-serving indignation to the floor once again, in a clear effort to try to get rid of the man who may make their leader’s presidency go bye-bye.


On Wednesday, North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan filed articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man who happens to be overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation Russian interference into the 2016 U.S. presidential election; Mueller is also looking into President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Earlier in July, Rosenstein announced indictments against 12 Russian intelligence agents for hacking computers used by the Democratic National Committee, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other organizations.

The New York Daily News reports that House Republicans have criticized Rosenstein for not being responsive enough as they have requested documents related to the Russia investigation as well as a closed investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s emails. It reports:

The move came about two hours after GOP lawmakers met with Justice Department officials who have been working to provide documents to several congressional committees about decisions made during the 2016 presidential campaign. The department has provided lawmakers with more than 800,000 documents, but Rep. Meadows said after the meeting that there was still “frustration” with how Justice has handled the oversight requests.

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Trey Gowdy, who looks like an adult thumb, said after the meeting that wouldn’t support Rosenstein’s impeachment. Ditto for House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has not signed on to the effort.

Democrats have criticized such Republican-led efforts, in what seems to be a clear effort to thwart the Justice Department’s investigation ... perhaps before it’s too late for their man in the White House.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Latest report is that Repugnicans are split. Those “Freedom Caucus” traitors are out there on their own cringing behind #TRE45ON, and Jim Jordan needs to sit down before somebody comes bopping up with a warrant for his arrest.


For those who sat home on their butts saying “My vote doesn’t matter”: