10-Year-Old Bishop Curry Raises More Than $20,000 to Help Develop His Device to Stop Hot-Car Deaths


One 10-year-old boy’s dream of saving the lives of children who may be left in hot cars has now become a reality since a GoFundMe targeted at helping him raise funds to patent and develop his invention has surpassed its goal.


Summer is upon us, and while most kids will be out enjoying the sunlight, maybe taking vacations with their families or enjoying summer camp, 10-year-old Bishop Curry V from McKinney, Texas, will have other things on his mind. He is intent on spending his free time developing a device to help prevent the deaths of children in hot cars, according to the New York Post.

The device, which is called “Oasis,” would attach to the car seat and detect if a child is left inside the car. Once it became too hot, a sensor would then prompt Oasis to blow cool air, and then an antenna would alert local authorities and parents to come to the child’s aid.


Bishop came up with the idea after a baby died in a minivan last summer near his own family’s home.

Now, thanks to a GoFundMe, Bishop will have the chance to make his dream of saving lives a reality: He raised $23,610 to help move forward with his invention. His father, Bishop Curry IV, wrote in the campaign that all of the funds would go toward attorney fees needed to finalize his son’s patent, the prototyping fees and identifying a manufacturer.


“Thanks to all of your support Bishop’s Oasis invention patent documentation is with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This has definitely been an amazing journey for Bishop and he is anxiously awaiting to hear back from [the] USPTO and begin the manufacturing process so that parents can have access to this technology,” the family later wrote in an update two days ago after surpassing the $20,000 goal. “This year 11 children have already succumbed to hot car heat stroke. Please pray that caretakers will be mindful of their children and the dangers of vehicles in hot climates. Thanks again.”

Good luck on your venture, Bishop! May you save countless lives!

Read more at the New York Post.

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Oh I pray that he gets there first. Cause knowing these greedy companies, they’ll patent some bs just to block this baby’s advancement.