10 Possible Places Trump Found The Random Group Of Niggas With Him During His Black History Month Press Conference

Michael Reynolds/Pool/Getty Images
Michael Reynolds/Pool/Getty Images

1. The Random Group Of Niggas Store — a store which specializes in providing random groups of niggas for people who require random groups of niggas for various purposes


2. The break room of a Sage Steele fan club membership committee meeting

3. A lottery choosing numbers 17 through 31 on the posters in every Black barbershop and beauty salon

4. A sweep of all the people who drove to KFC drive-thrus last night at 9:43pm — rushing to get there before it closed at 10:00pm — and were told at the window that they already ran out of chicken (but still had some coleslaw and shit if they wanted that instead) and were so pissed about it that they screamed "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE!!!" and actually meant it this time

5. A collection of the 17 Black parents remaining today who, in 2017, still require their children to read Gifted Hands

6. A support group comprised of Steve Harvey's ex-tailors

7. All the people who tried to get to church Sunday but couldn't make it in time to get a seat and mistakenly thought the Trump press conference was where the overfill was


8. A reunion of real-life descendants of Stephen from Django Unchained

9. A gathering of all the grown-ass Black people forced to take home sad-ass Thanksgiving plates last year after showing up to dinner late as fuck and having the audacity to walk through the door and not greet everyone and act all funny acting all night long but still think they'd be able to go home with more than a slice of turkey skin and a tablespoon of peas


10. The Random Niggas With No Sense Store — a store which specializes in providing random niggas with no sense for people who require random niggas with no sense for various purposes



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