10 Mom Bloggers You Should Know

Nicole L. Cvetnic
Jennifer Borget with her son and daughter
Baby Making Machine

Motherhood has its challenges and its rewards, and sharing stories about the journey is what these mamas do best. For Mother’s Day, we thought we’d offer some of the best blogs on the Web for moms looking for work-life balance, parenting and lifestyle advice … or even a few good laughs.

My Brown Baby


Starting her site on a whim in 2008, Denene Millner created a space for African-American moms looking to lend their often ignored voices to the national parenting debate. After learning that Sarah Palin’s teen daughter was pregnant, Millner questioned how the pregnancy would be viewed if Bristol were black. Her site is “a place where African-American parents and parents of black children and their opinions matter, and are heard, respected and revered.”

Black Glamour Mom

Known to sport a pair of heels while pushing a baby stroller, Michelle Matthews-Alexander embodies the lifestyle of a glamorous mom. The director of public relations at an African-American advertising agency, she uses her fun and edgy blog to show entrepreneurial-minded moms that they can find a balance between managing life as a wife, mommy and worker without sacrificing their personal style.

Mama Knows It All


Brandi Jeter-Riley originally created the blog as a way to chronicle her personal journey through motherhood. The Oakland, Calif., resident and mother of one says her site has evolved to become a resource for women worldwide who are looking for encouragement while figuring out what being a mother means to them. She provides tips and information, personal stories and support.

Mocha Moms Inc.


What began as a newsletter called Mocha Moms has grown into a national organization. Considered a premiere voice and support group for mothers of color, the site is run by a national executive board that oversees local chapters. The group’s purpose is to serve as an advocate for mothers of color, encourage community activism and provide information on parenting.

Baby Making Machine


Featured on media sources such as the Today show and Mashable, freelance news reporter and anchor Jennifer Borget blogs about her pregnancies, career, relationships and parenting experiences. A mother of two living in Austin, Texas, she began Baby Making Machine in 2008 as a way to share her struggles with “baby fever” and her journey toward motherhood.

Four Hats and Frugal


Amiyrah Martin, New Jersey mom and airman in the U.S. Air Force, uses her blog to help other mothers save money. She writes about what she calls her “four hats in life”: family, fashion, food and finances. She says writing about her experiences as a wife and a mother of three has helped provide financial accountability for herself and a learning space for her readers.



She says she’s “a free-spirited mama, dreamer and wannabe hippie.” Indiana resident Sheena Tatum shares DIY projects, recipes and inspirational stories and pictures from her journey through motherhood. The married mother of two says “sophistishe” stands for sophisticated Sheena or she is sophisticated, and was chosen as a way to reflect on her growth as a person and as a blogger.

Mommy Works a Lot


Hailing from Mississippi, the mother of one started her blog as an outlet and a way to find a voice as a writer. Vaneese Pattman-Morris, who now lives in Omaha, Neb., posts everything from crafts and Pinterest recipes to her thoughts on issues facing black youth.

Mommy Talk Show


Emmy Award-winning television journalist and parenting talk show host Joyce Brewer created a blog to deliver the latest fashion trends, product reviews and current events. The Atlanta mother of one created the blog to help answer parents’ questions about trusted brands and helpful products. She also wanted to know about family-friendly places around her city. Brewer has since been featured on Oprah and ABC’s The View.

Black and Green Mama


Kenrya Rankin Naasel is a “lifestyle and parenting expert who—after much prodding from her friends—decided to share her hippie-dippie black chick mama life” on her website. Her blog examines issues surrounding raising black children in America. She provides ideas and advice for raising happy, healthy children who appreciate the earth, themselves and their people.

Nicole L. Cvetnic is The Root’s multimedia editor and producer. 

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