Ella Baker (zinnedproject.org)

You should know these women in black history: Are you familiar with their names? Do you actually know their stories? These women might have missed out on mainstream recognition, but they deserve attention.

CNN to air special on racism in soccer: England is dealing with the fallout of two high-profile player-on-player racial controversies. Fans have been arrested for racially abusing players at stadiums and on the Internet. CNN will explore these stories and others in World Sport Presents: It's Not Black & White on Friday, Feb. 24.


Black state rep proposes vasectomy limits for men: Georgia Democrat Yasmin Neal used the legislation to make a point about conservative lawmakers attempting to determine what medical care should be available to women.

Obama apologizes for Quran burning: President Obama, according to the Associated Press, has sent a letter of apology to the Afghan president for the recent Quran burnings at a U.S. military base. The letter, delivered by the U.S. ambassador on Thursday, expresses Obama's "deep regret for the reported incident."