What's up with black american Islamophobes? HuffPost BlackVoices' Su'ad Abdul Khabeer says she's "perplexed at the ascendance of African Americans who spew the rhetoric of anti-Muslim bias." Her explanation: "The bandwagon can be alluring to a community that is usually made to walk."

Natural hair for your Barbie: All it takes is a few pipe cleaners, and your little girl's dolls can mirror the way she actually looks. What a concept!


Why men need to see The Help: Reporter Paul Needham talks to actress Octavia Spencer about her friendship with writer Kathryn Stockett and director Tate Taylor, her special connection with the character Minny and why she hopes men will see the movie, too.

The Wire's Snoop pleads guilty: The Post Chronicle reports that the actress who played a Baltimore drug assassin in the series pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to distribute heroin. She was one of 64 people charged in March in what was called "Operation Usual Suspects."

In other news: Oakland Police Lose Strip Search Lawsuit.