The Rev. Al Sharpton struck back at Rush Limbaugh on his Wednesday MSNBC show after Limbaugh speculated that a flub Sharpton made was caused by a "racist teleprompter" (a semi-clever dig at the gusto with which Sharpton calls out racial bias).

"Somebody is sabotaging the Rev. Sharpton via the teleprompter," Limbaugh said. "It's either a racist teleprompter, or whoever is preparing the teleprompter is racist." He also had an alternative (conspiracy) theory: "There are a number of black accredited journalists who are really ticked off that the Rev. Sharpton is up for this gig," he said. "One of them, or some of them, might have gotten together here."


Sharpton's response includes thanking Limbaugh for highlighting the program and asking him to continue sending new viewers. And he makes sure to emphasize that there was no prejudice or discrimination on the part of the technology involved.

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