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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is fed up with flash mobs that have been taking place in the City of Brotherly Love over the last year. Young black teens have been harassing, harming and looting local businesses and residents in the Center City area of the city.

Mayor Nutter had some choice words for the parents of the kids involved in the flash mobs, which he delivered from the pulpit of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. He said that the teens, most of whom are black, are "damaging the race," and that parents who sit by and refuse to get their kids in order will be sitting next to them in jail. He also admonished parents for sending checks and giving money without spending time with their kids, calling them "human ATMs." Mayor Nutter called men who don't even do that simply "sperm donors."


Kudos to the mayor for acknowledging first that most Philadelphia teens are decent human beings before laying into those participating in the flash mobs. Unlike some who are up in arms over his comments about disgracing the race, we tend to agree because their actions reflect on the black community.

How sad is it that these children haven't been taught or maybe don't care that their actions reflect negatively on their families and the mayor, who is a black man, not to mention American society as a whole? Tough love is love, and these kids need it, since they clearly aren't getting it at home. Hopefully the City of Brotherly Love will have more tough love in the future and less foolishness, like these flash mobs.

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