The Washington Post is reporting that embattled GOP presidential front-runner Herman Cain broke out into song at the National Press Club on Monday. The Reliable Source reports:

Too bad about Herman Cain's recent troubles — otherwise this would be a watershed moment for a nation of Gleeks. C-SPAN viewers may have been stunned when the GOP candidate burst into song at the end of his National Press Club speech Monday, but Cain has incorporated a cappella into many of his campaign stops. He charmed a fairground crowd with the same hymn ("He Looked Beyond My Fault," set to the melody of "Danny Boy") at a speech in Waverly, Tenn., a couple weeks ago. When his sound system malfunctioned in Jackson, Tenn., he belted out "The Impossible Dream." An Ames, Iowa, crowd was treated to another hymn, "I Must Tell Jesus."

Herman Cain is going to need more than a Bible hymn to get him out of this sexual harassment debacle. For some reason, the GOP is now singing a different tune about Cain. Will Cain remain able? If he keeps breaking out into song, we doubt it.

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