GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain (Getty Images)

In his blog at the American Prospect, Jamelle Bouie says that he wondered early on Monday whether conservatives would continue to support GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain after claims of sexual harassment surfaced against him late Sunday. He found his answer after a cavalcade of defenders rose to Cain's defense.

At the end of my post this morning, I wondered if the Right would rally around Herman Cain following Politico's allegations of sexual harassment, as if to replay the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings. Via Real Clear Politics, we have our answer. Here is Rush Limbaugh as he defends Cain and attacks the Politico story as an "unconscionable racially charged attack":


"The Politico and the mainstream media has launched an unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack on an independent, self-reliant conservative black because for him that behavior is not allowed. […]

Anything goes, as far as they're [liberals] concerned, and they cannot allow a black or an Hispanic to rise to the top of a political establishment that is not Democrat."

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