The Pop Chart Battle of Cardi B versus Taylor Swift Is a Metaphor for Race Relations in Trump's America 

Summer 2017 brought us indelible scenes of racial tension in America: monuments to Confederate generals toppled and torch-wielding white nationalists marched, while families were ripped apart by armed government agents and a woman died protesting bigotry. Fall begins in one week, and as we close out the hottest season…

White Man Who Yelled ‘Shut Up, Slave!’ at Black Man During Altercation at Chicago Starbucks Now Faces Hate Crime Charges

If you want to talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk. That is what William Boucher, 24, is learning after being caught on camera launching into a violent, racist rant, calling a black man a slave and comparing him to livestock after the man apparently spilled some coffee on Boucher’s light-colored suit.


Wash. State Sheriff Apologizes After His County Facebook Page Posts ‘All Lives Splatter’ Meme Showing Car Running Over Protesters 

Another day, another classy post made by law-enforcement officials and (alleged) professionals. This time, a sheriff in Washington state is attempting to apologize after a horrifying meme was posted Monday to his county’s Facebook page, showing protesters being run over by a vehicle with the caption, “All Lives…

Leaked Chats Show That White Supremacists ‘Joked’ About Plowing Cars Into Crowds of Counterprotesters Prior to Violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Remember all the white supremacists who swore they went to Charlottesville, Va., to conduct a “peaceful” protest and stand up for their First Amendment rights, or whatever the hell they were saying to excuse their mess? It appears that they have been caught in a bit of a lie (surprise, surprise) after a stream of…