GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry (Getty Images)

In his Washington Post column, Eugene Robinson checks in on the Republican Party's search for a presidential nominee after Texas Gov. Rick Perry's disastrous debate performance led to a defeat in the Florida straw poll.

Here's my question for the Republican Party: How's that Rick Perry stuff work­in' out for ya?


You'll recall that Sarah Palin asked a similar question last year about President Obama's "hopey-changey stuff." Indeed, hopey-changey has been through a bad patch. But now the GOP is still desperately seeking a presidential candidate it can love. Or even like.

That Perry was crushed by Herman Cain — yes, I said Herman Cain — in the Florida straw poll Saturday confirms that the tough-talking Texas governor's campaign is in serious trouble. He's the one who put it there with a performance in last week's debate that was at times disjointed, at times disastrous.

Perry was supposed to be the "Shane"-like Western hero who brought peace to the troubled valley that is the Republican presidential field. A month after he rode into town, however, increasingly frantic GOP insiders are begging New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to saddle up and save the day.

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