Rolling Out provides five reasons to go to an HBCU.

Ronald Childs, a graduate of Grambling State University, offered the following five reasons African American students should attend HBCUs:

  1. "They're one of the few institutions that African Americans still control, so it's more important now that we attend our black universities, that we graduate from them and that we support them financially."
  2. "For some students, it may be the chance to study with mentors who are of the same culture and who are successful in their fields." 
  3. "The history of civil rights in the United States, gives students of HBCUs, regardless of race or background, a distinctive perspective on the African American experience."
  4. "The rich and distinct heritage [leads] HBCUs to still produces large numbers of African American … graduate[s] …, making them [the] top producers of most black professionals."
  5. "Some students may want to carry on the tradition because they have family ties to an HBCU, or there may be [a] personal reason, such as the popularity of the school."
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