Havana City

Resting with cigarettes and rum in Lawton, a neighborhood in the southeast outskirts of Havana. The flag mural belongs to the international community arts project "Muraleando."

Dancing in the Street

Professional folkloric dancer practising in the La Rampa sidewalks (23rd Street, El Vedado).

Old Havana

A painful daily trip through Obispo boulevard in Old Havana, collecting objects from the street.

A Helping Hand

In the overpopulated, poorer city areas, it is a common Cuban practice to talk to neighbors over balconies, offering—or asking for—some coffee or a pinch of salt. 

Modern Style

High school students from Marianao municipality. Official uniforms are usually "modernized" by adding rings, chains, belts, etc.

Trash Is Treasure

This lady is looking for trash treasures left by tourists in Mercaderes Street, Old Havana.

Cafe Lamparilla

Young waiter from Café Lamparilla of Old Havana taking a break outside the restaurant. 

Cruising Through Cuba

Skateboarding is a regular practice all around the Capitol building, now just a tourist area between between Central Havana and Old Havana.

Cuban Film

Professional boom-man during a video shoot for the Cuban TV and Radio Institute (ICRT).


Imported T-shirts promoting the U.S. are as common now as they were forbidden years ago.

Havana Bay

Pausing after a summer dive in the famous—and highly polluted—Malecón, near the entrance of the Havana Bay. If you look out in the water, you can see that it's completely covered in an oily substance.

Explosión Suprema

Rappers from the band "Explosión Suprema," performing at the censored Poetry Festival from OMNI-Zona Franca project (December 2010), in a private home in Alamar.

The Face of Poverty

Beggar asking for money in Saint Raphael boulevard for "paying" a promise to Saint Lazarus on Dec. 17.

Paying a Promise

A sleeping pilgrim "pays a promise" on the porch of Our Lady from Carmen Church, in Neptuno and Infanta corner, the border between Central Havana and modern El Vedado.

Luyano Avenue

Young boys traveling outside a full-speed crowded P1 public bus in Luyanó Avenue, an impoverished Havana area near La Virgen del Camino park.

Let It Rain

Adolescents flirt under a pouring spring rain, near Trillo Park in Havana.

Freedom of the Press

Re-selling newspapers isn't legal, but local police usually ignore it. 


Political propaganda reaches every space of Cuba, with delirious messages that nobody seems to read: "Against Yankee and European Community interfering, united!" (Infanta Avenue near Zanja Street).

Matanzas City Bay

Playing happily in the artificial beaches of Matanzas City Bay.

Literary Cafe

Literary Café at the corner of 23rd and 12th Streets of El Vedado. 

San Carlos Valley

A farmer from San Carlos Valley in the far-west portion of Pinar del Río province, where electricity is still lacking in many houses.

El Vedado

Old man watching the traffic in the downtown neighborhood of El Vedado.


A boy resting thoughtfully in the parking lot  of Hermanos Ameijeiras National Hospital in Havana.