Oprah Winfrey (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Oprah has every intention of performing on Broadway once her show wraps up its last season.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, she said she's reviewing a "stack of plays," adding, "And just this past weekend, I was in New York meeting with producers. We were just talking about what would be the best route to take. But yes, this is really going to happen."


Sounds as if the plan for this additional bullet on her long résumé is pretty serious. But Oprah is no stranger to acting — or to Broadway, of course. She's had parts in movies for 25 years and was intimately involved in bringing the musical adaptation of The Color Purple to the stage.

It's unclear how this fits in with her plan to focus on OWN after the talk show ends (she has admitted that the network she created "is not where I want it to be," and says she'll be devoting much more of her time to ensuring its success).

While the only hint she's given about her preference for a role is that an ensemble show would be the best ft, our prediction is that this endeavor will be much more than a lighthearted diversion from her day job. We think she'll be very intentional about the role she selects, and the script she ultimately chooses from that stack in her bag will tackle issues of race or social justice, bringing attention to them as only Oprah can. We’ll be watching.

Read more at the Chicago Tribune.

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