Obama: Something is wrong with our politics: Aligning himself with a public fed up with economic uncertainty and Washington gridlock, President Barack Obama declared Thursday: "There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics," the Associated Press reports.

Why a Michael Jackson fragrance won't work: The Huffington Post reports that a fragrance named in honor of the King of Pop is in the works. Unlike his music, experts say it probably won't be a hit.

The psychology of rioting: Columbia University's Tory Higgins says that riots like the ones in London typically occur when people feel "ineffective." "In situations like this, there is a long period prior to the riot of feeling that you're not in control of your own life. It may either be financial, like unemployment or a low-paying job, or political," he says. "They basically don't feel respected or that they're making a difference."


Black condom-company founders aim to make protection "hot": Former Morehouse classmates Jason Panda, Elkhair Balla and Ashanti Johnson's philosophy for their company is, "If we have people thinking that it's a hot condom, which then in turn makes them use the condom, which in turn makes them want to carry the condom, then we've achieved our goal."

In other news: Mississippi Teens Attacked Homeless Black Men?