Lala Vasquez adorns Munaluchi's January 2011 cover.

(The Root) — Today's bridal world is a vast environment, teeming with websites, reality shows, conventions and magazines. And, while it may seem like today's brides and grooms have more resources than ever to help plan their special moments, black brides are often left out of the party. 

Jackie Nwobu, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the black bridal magazine Munaluchi, has set out to fill the void for black brides-to-be with biannual print issues, quarterly digital issues and a regularly updated site — all dedicated to black weddings. 


The success of Munaluchi is not only measured by subscriptions, readership or monthly unique visitors, which are, indeed, impressive — quarterly digital issues reached 1.4 million readers in about a year. The magazine's success also lies in changing the perception that black women don't get married. Its impressive photo spreads, black beauty features and wedding showcases help highlight diverse expressions of black matrimony.

"A lot of time when people say black, it's just considered one thing — being black is very multicultural in itself," Nwobu said. "[We are] education a lot of people on the different culture and the different elements that make up black culture and community."

Munaluchi has made its way to newsstands and booksellers nationwide. Nwobu can also be found on the Huffington Post and Ebony


For more information, and to find out where to grab a copy, visit Munaluchi's website

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