Kim Kardashian can legally marry, but gay couples can't? (Google)

Marriage-equality activists Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills are sounding off on about the hypocrisy of this democracy as it relates to the institution of marriage.

The Mills family blasted the National Organization for Marriage for remaining silent about the marriage debacle of reality star Kim Kardashian and NBA player Chris Humphries. Kardashian filed for divorce on Monday, after only 72 days of marriage. The "marriage preservation" organization has failed to issue a statement about the spectacle/sham, although the organization is usually very loud when lambasting gay couples who are actually in loving, committed and long-term relationships and want to legally marry.

The couple writes:

One can't help but notice the dead silence from groups like the so-called National Organization for Marriage whose sole mission is to "preserve the sanctity of marriage" by blocking gays and lesbians from joining in it. Why aren't they outraged when these straight starlets stomp all over "traditional marriage" in their Louboutins? Surely this match-made-for-media-fodder erodes the sanctity of all that marriage is supposed to be. So why aren't they attacking Kim's right to get married the way they do ours?


The Mills family has hit the nail on the head: Reality stars like Kardashian and other high-profile celebrities like Britney Spears and Kenny Chesney who enter into marriage and exit out of it faster than the speed of light get a pass, while LGBT couples are berated and discriminated against simultaneously. Kardashian spent 72 days in a televised marriage, which is being played over and over again, and has earned no less than $18 million in the process. Now, that should be illegal.  

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