Jennifer Hudson (Getty Images)

Jennifer Hudson opens Chicago weight-loss center: The Weight Watchers Jennifer Hudson Center, which opened on Tuesday, will donate a portion of its revenue to an organization set up to honor Hudson's deceased nephew. 

Woman finds mother alive in morgue: Rosangela Celestrino was called to a Rio de Janeiro hospital to identify the body of her mother. The good news: Her mother was actually still alive. The bad news: She'd been stuck in the refrigerated drawer for two hours.


Reports: Saudi King cancels lashing sentence against woman who drove: King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has canceled a sentence to flog a woman for defying the country's ban on women driving, according to multiple reports from news outlets including Al Arabiya TV and Forbes. Shaima Jastania was sentenced by a court in the coastal city of Jeddah to 10 lashes after she was found guilty of driving without permission, as we reported earlier this week.

Sarah Palin: Cain is 'flavor of the week': Sarah Palin praised businessman and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain but also flubbed his name and then referred to him as "flavor of the week" during an appearance on Fox News' On the Record With Greta Van Susteren Tuesday night. Cain recently said that African Americans were "brainwashed" to vote Democrat. We wonder if he thinks the same phenomenon is responsible for Palin's inability to process him as a serious candidate.

In other news: Castro Calls Obama 'Stupid.'

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