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African Americans have overcome unthinkable struggles and reached proud triumphs throughout our history — but imagine what those achievements would look like reflected through the platform of today's social media. Here are some of black history's most famous moments, reimagined in 140 characters or less.

Frederick Douglass

Library of Congress

@HonestAbe Good lookin' out on the Proclamation. Now let's talk about those union and border states.

Harriet Tubman

H. Seymour Squyer/National Portrait Gallery

So psyched. I still have three bars even though I'm "underground," LOLz!

Nat Turner

William Henry Shelton/Encyclopedia Virginia

Had a vision from God last night. No way this ends badly.

Sally Hemings

Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson (Thinkstock)

I can't believe @TJefferson is denying paternity. Come on, Tom, you know these are your kids! #yesidid

Sojourner Truth

Randall Studio/National Portrait Gallery

Got booed at #suffrage convention and had to shut 'em down. Weaker sex? Please.

George Washington Carver

Library of Congress

Major #FAIL on potato experiment. Will try peanuts next.

Madam C.J. Walker

Addison Scurlock

Sigh. When are we gonna move past this? RT @RaceMan: @MadamCJ Don't remove the kinks from your hair; remove them from your brain!!!

Marcus Garvey

George Grantham Bain Collection/Library of Congress

Just unveiled our red, black and green @UNIA flag. Hope it catches on!

Zora Neale Hurston

Library of Congress

#FollowFriday My fellow Harlem artists! @LangstonHughes @ClaudeMcKay @BillieHoliday @PaulRobeson @RomareBearden @LenaHorne @LouisArmstrong

Dizzy Gillespie

Roland Godefroy

#MusicMonday Check out my girl, Ella Fitzgerald — "(If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini)"

W.E.B. Du Bois

C.M. Battey/Library of Congress

A man was lynched today, and #AmosnAndy is a trending topic? Let's step our game up, Talented Tenth.

Josephine Baker

Rudolf Suroch

Just tried on my new banana skirt. They're gonna love it @FoliesBergere!

Marian Anderson

Carl Van Vechten/Library of Congress

Crowd of 75,000 at Lincoln Memorial. Nervous, but determined.

Hattie McDaniel

Myra Wysinger

So happy I won! (But side eye goes to the #oscars for making me use the back entrance.)

Jackie Robinson

Bob Sandberg, Look Magazine Collection/Library of Congress

Named MVP with 124 runs this year. Suddenly hearing fewer claims that baseball is a white man's game. #howyoulikemenow

Rosa Parks

National Archives and Record Administration

If I never read another description of me as a "tired, dignified seamstress," it will be TOO SOON.

Malcolm X

Ed Ford/Library of Congress

I just checked into Mecca (Saudi Arabia w/ @AbdulAzziz and 596,544 others) on @foursquare.

Martin Luther King Jr.

AFP/Getty Images

Rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Wed! Plan to come early — we're expecting a pretty big turnout. #jobsandfreedom

Thurgood Marshall

Library of Congress

I just became the mayor of the U.S. Supreme Court on @foursquare!

Jimi Hendrix

A. Vente/Beed en Geluidwiki

For the record, y'all: The lyric is "Excuse me while I kiss THE SKY."

Huey P. Newton

Malcolm X Files

Manned the free breakfast program and patrolled the neighborhood for police brutality — all while keeping the Afro fresh!

Shirley Chisholm

Thomas J. O'Halloran/Library of Congress

Ready or not, America: I'm running for president! Are my sisters with me? #chisholm72