L.Z. Granderson (CNN)

CNN blogger L.Z. Granderson argues that the real reason for the GOP's efforts to secure the nation's borders is that leaders are fearful of the browning of America. By 2040, nonwhite people will be the majority in this country, which scares them.

In case you plan to see Wednesday's GOP debate, allow me to offer up some crib notes so you don't get lost.


First, when you hear the candidates talk about "job creators," that's just another way of saying "rich people" or "the guy bankrolling my super Pac."

When someone says "family values," that's to remind the audience that they don't like gay people; "religious freedom" means "Christianity"; and it's not really a GOP debate until a candidate attacks the "liberal media" for asking questions they're too afraid to answer.

Now there will be plenty of other buzz words and euphemisms that will be tossed around during the debate, but since it is being held in Arizona, chances are the most popular phrase will be "secure the border."

We must secure the border.

The candidates will argue that it's a matter of national security. That it isn't just the friendly illegal immigrants looking for work we must worry about, but terrorists, drug lords and other criminals who seek to make their way through our porous border. They will say if they were president they would build walls, add troops, even commission a Death Star to keep this country safe.


Newt Gingrich has promised to build a double fence along the entire southern border, adding, "The United States must control its border. It is a national security imperative."

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