Jolena Wright, 29  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"They [police] are just infringing on so many of people's personal liberties that it's insane … [One time] I was sitting in my sister's car without the keys and the police came up and wanted to search the car. And when I asked them why, they were like, 'This is a high-crime area.' The thing that stood out was that I was black in an all-white neighborhood."

Reese Moore, 44  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"I certainly don't agree with [stop-and-frisk]. If there are legal reasons to stop someone I'm all for that, but just to profile someone just walking down the street, no, I'm not in agreement with that … I'm a firm believer that we do live in a society where we do racial profile based on somebody's appearance."

Iyabo Osiapem, 40   

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"I don't know what would prompt a police officer to stop someone; I don't know what makes someone suspicious — and that's what bothers me. Who looks suspicious? Who looks like they could be holding drugs?"

Kai Osiapem, 28  

Meredith Rizzo/Getty Images

"I wouldn't go for [stop-and-frisk] at all. Especially with what we just went through with Trayvon Martin, [there's a] look and identity."

Terron Solomon, 41  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"I think [police] have already been doing it. They've got too much power already. I've been stopped and frisked a bunch of times; I think that's a policy. It's been going on."

Essence Oliver, 30, Attorney  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"Legally, you're not supposed to conduct a stop and frisk until you have some sort of reasonable suspicion of a person. In practice, it doesn't work like that. Because when you use terms like 'reasonable suspicion,' it's really left up to the officer's interpretation. There's definitely a disconnect between how it's supposed to be legally enforced and how it is actually enforced in practice."

Tony Stewart, 55  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"I talk to my son and daughter about what they should do if they're ever stopped and frisked — some of the basic things: If you're in a car, keep your hands on the steering wheel, make sure you talk loud to the policeman and don't make any sudden moves."

Janelle Cunningham, 23  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"[Stop and frisk] is disrespectful, it's judgmental. And it shouldn't be done, obviously. As a police officer you should have more respect for the people walking around your city. Instead of taking care of these people, you're basically causing more harm to these people."

Zachary Kidd, 35  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"Kids and adults should understand the sort of necessity for being very mindful of how you interact with any police authority because you never want to make a situation worse. Always be aware of what's going on all the time."

Andrew Pendleton, 25  

Meredith Rizzo/The Root

"I think that there's a civil liberties question if [police] don't have any probable cause — that's problematic."