Nell Carter as Nell Harper; Phylicia Rashad as Clair Huxtable (TV Land)

We've seen episodes of our favorite black sitcoms over and over. Cable networks play them ad nauseam, to the point where we've seen some of our favorite episodes dozens of time. But now The Root is going to put you to the test. See how many quotes you can match to your favorite shows. Just go to the next slide for the answer.

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"Hey, baby, I noticed you noticing me, and I just wanted to put you on notice that I noticed you, too."

Jamie Foxx as Jamie King; Will Smith as Will Smith (YouTube)

Who said it?

Jamie King, The Jamie Foxx Show

Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Answer: Will Smith, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will had all his mack daddy lines ready to go at Bel-Air Prep. But this high school lady, played by Garcelle Beauvais, told the Prince that he better come correct if he's trying to get her attention.

"My mama always told me, if she can't use your comb, don't bring her home!"

Thomas Mikal Ford as Tommy Strawn; Darryl M. Bell as Ron Johnson (YouTube)

Who said it?

Tommy Strawn, Martin

Ron Johnson, A Different World

Answer: Tommy Strawn, Martin

While playing a quick game of questions, Martin (Martin Lawrence) finds out that Gina (Tisha Campbell-Martin) makes more money than he does. And of course, for Martin and his often chauvinistic ways, this was unacceptable. But it was Tommy's (Thomas Mikal Ford) response to a question about interracial dating that garnered the most laughs.

"How come we overcame and nobody told me?"

Marla Gibbs as Florence Johnston (TV Land); Ralph Carter as Michael Evans (YouTube)

Who said it?

Florence Johnston, The Jeffersons

Michael Evans, Good Times

Answer: Florence Johnston, The Jeffersons

Louise (Isabel Sanford) was nervous about hiring a maid, but George (Sherman Hemsley) was hell-bent on getting some help around the house. As Florence (Marla Gibbs) was getting ready to leave the apartment, Helen (Roxie Roker) and Diane (Paulene Myers) stopped by. Overwhelmed by two black women with maids in the 1970s, Florence delivered her knee-slapping line to close out the scene.

"His bike got stolen. I told him not to let anybody ride it. So I smacked him into next week. He'll be back on Tuesday."

Bernie Mac; Tichina Arnold as Rochelle Rock (IMDb)

Who said it?

Uncle Bernie, The Bernie Mac Show

Rochelle, Everybody Hates Chris

Answer: Rochelle, Everybody Hates Chris

Chris' (Tyler James Williams) mom (Tichina Arnold) delivered some classic black-mom lines throughout the series' four-season run. When Chris lets a friend borrow his bike, he worries that he won't ever see it again and contemplates Rochelle's wrath when she finds out he disobeyed her.

"You pseudo-intellectual male with a pseudo-African name spouting pseudo-philosophy about a whole bunch of nothing! In fact, the only thing about you that's real are your green eyes. My brother!"

Queen Latifah as Khadijah James (TVOne); Charnelle Brown as Kim Reese (YouTube)

Who said it?

Khadijah James, Living Single

Kim Reese, A Different World

Answer: Kim Reese, A Different World

Remember when Shazza Zulu (Gary Dourdan) had us swooning over him on A Different World? Well, Kim (Charnele Brown) set him straight after he criticized her for dating a white man at Hillman, a historically black college.

"Look, you're gonna have a hard time finding ‘the one.' You're a snob from the projects! Believe me, that's rare."

Tracy Ross as Joan Clayton (IMDb); Queen Latifah as Khadijah James (TVOne)

Who said it?

Joan Clayton, Girlfriends

Khadijah James, Living Single

Answer: Khadijah James, Living Single

When Regine Hunter (Kim Fields) started dating Daryl (Heavy D), who seemed like the opposite of her type, the crew was a bit confused. After meeting Daryl's friends, she realized they weren't compatible, and Khadijah (Queen Latifah) offered some hard advice for her fickle, materialistic ways.

"Man, I should have known better than to ask the accounting firm of poor, broke and hungry for money!"

Countess Vaughn as Kimberly Ann Parker (TVOne); Brandy Norwood as Moesha Mitchell (YouTube)

Who said it?

Kimberly Ann Parker, The Parkers

Moesha Mitchell, Moesha

Answer: Moesha Mitchell, Moesha

Moesha (Brandy Norwood) started taking more responsibility and paying for a few of her bills. But when it becomes too much, she asks Hakeem Campbell (Lamont Bentley), Niecy Jackson (Shar Jackson) and Kimberly Ann Parker (Countess Vaughn) for a few bucks, and all they can offer are empty pockets.

"I shoulda been born an octopus. You need eight hands to run this house."

Esther Rolle as Florida Evans (TV Land); JoMarie Payton as Harriet Winslow (IMDb)

Who said it?

Florida Evans, Good Times

Harriet Winslow, Family Matters

Answer: Florida Evans, Good Times

In this episode, Michael Evans (Ralph Carter) tries to diagnose his mother with menopause. (Remember when he tried to say his father had hypertension?) Florida (Esther Rolle) was a tyrant in the house, slamming doors, yelling at the kids, and only Willona Woods (Ja'net DuBois) knew the problem: She's bored.

"Look at you with your stupid do-rag and your clown suit. Lookin' like a Chicago two-step champion!"

Shawn Wayans as Shawn Williams (Wikipedia Commons); Tia Mowry-Hardrict as Melanie Barnett (IMDb)

Who said it?

Shawn Williams, The Wayans Bros.

Melanie Barnett, The Game

Answer: Melanie Barnett, The Game

In the season 2 premiere of The Game, Melanie (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) finds out that Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall) has been cheating on her with Drew Sidora. In an epic breakup fight, Melanie takes Derwin to task for his horrible fashion choices.

"If you don't get it together and drop these macho attitudes, you are never going to have anybody bringing you anything, anywhere, any place, any time, ever. Now, what would you like in your coffee?"

Nell Carter as Nell Harper; Phylicia Rashad as Clair Huxtable (TV Land)

Who said it?

Nell Harper, Gimme a Break

Clair Huxtable, The Cosby Show

Answer: Clair Huxtable, The Cosby Show

This scene is probably one of the most memorable moments in Cosby Show history. Elvin Tibideaux (Geoffrey Owens) had been teetering on Clair's last nerve with his "macho attitudes," so she finally reads him from head to toe after he asks if she "serves Dr. Huxtable."

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