Sean Rayford/Getty Images

While Ben Carson got some public backlash for his anti-Muslim comments, in which he opined that he "would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation," it seems as if he garnered some like-minded supporters as well, with an influx of donations boosting the super PAC that supports his candidacy, the Washington Times reports

"We sent out an email to Carson supporters, and we've never had an email raise so much money so quickly—it's unbelievable," the 2016 Committee super PAC Chair John Philip Sousa IV told the news site. "My phone has exploded over the last 48 hours—of people wanting me to pass on to Dr. Carson how much they respect his truthfulness and believe in the American system, and how absolutely not should anyone who believes in Shariah law come close to the White House. The people are on Dr. Carson's side on this one—sorry, NBC, you lose."


Carson originally made his statements during a Sunday interview with NBC's Meet the Press, and he doubled down in a subsequent interview with The Hill, stating that he does "not believe Shariah is consistent with the Constitution of this country." The former neurosurgeon did amend that to say if the Muslim in question "publicly rejected all the tenets of Shariah and lived a life consistent with that," then he wouldn't have a problem with such an individual being president. 

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