Ala. Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against City and Mayor of Birmingham, Ala., for Covering a Confederate Monument

While states across the nation are trying to figure out how to get rid of the second-place trophies of traitors, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office has apparently deemed it a good idea to file a lawsuit against the city of Birmingham and its mayor, William Bell, for allegedly violating state law by covering a…

Rapper Bun B’s 2016 Confrontation With Trump Supporter Sees Rebirth After Charlottesville, Va.

Last year, rapper Bun B attended the Republican National Convention and documented his experience for Vice. During the event, the rapper-turned-professor got into a verbal altercation with a Donald Trump supporter after the supporter gave him the middle finger. And, now, a year later, the video is making the rounds…


I Bought an Apple Watch 2. I Wasted $399 (Plus Tax) on an Apple Watch 2.

I’m an Apple products guy. I’ve been exclusively an iPhone user since 2008 (I believe) when I chucked my T-Mobile Sidekick LX. My personal computers of choice are all Apples. There are three iPads in my home. I own an Apple TV, and when I’m hungry, I eat apples. We don’t play with our Apple consumption ’round here.…

The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World Is This Scared White Boy Stripping Off His White Supremacist Uniform

What do the hip, cool white supremacists wear when their white hoods and Klan robes are at the dry cleaners stained with Negro blood and it’s too hot at the rally to wear those thick, wool Hugo Boss-designed Nazi uniforms? Simple. They wear the widely accepted costume recommended by 4 out of 5 white nationalists: